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Development of New Pipe OD Laser Measuring System

DANIELI W+K’s technology team has developed a new pipe OD laser measuring system which will provide high quality assurance to the welded pipe industry.

The pipe OD measuring system can mainly be employed for spiral-welded pipes, but also for longitudinally welded or even seamless pipe and tube products. The pipe outside diameter range is between 12” and 120”.

The unit is capable to continuously measure the pipe OD and ovality as well as the weld seam height during the pipe production process via a set of laser beams and a special camera system. Continuous monitoring of production parameters serves for automatic line resetting to assure constant high quality of the final product.

An integrated and automatically operating calibration system is a unique feature of the new OD measuring unit. Therefore, no extra calibration pipes need to be used for this procedure.

The pipe OD measuring unit can be positioned in different areas within a new or an existing pipe welding plant, for example downstream of the HSAW forming section, in the final welding area and/ or within the finishing and inspection area.

The latest developments represent another major achievement for DANIELI W+K in welded pipe technology, completing and expanding the ERW and spiral pipe sector to fulfill market requirements from a single source.