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Heavy Wall Thickness ERW Tube Mill for India

DANIELI W+K has delivered a new special ERW tube mill for the production of high tensile strength material precision tubes with ranges from 2 ½“ to 7” and a maximum wall thickness of ½”.

The challenge for DANIELI W+K was designing a customized special tube mill for the renowned company Tube Products of India (TPI) located in Chennai, since this line will mainly produce precision tubes for hydraulic cylinders used for earth moving and construction machinery and hollow sections for the steel construction industry.

The complete line consists of a fully automatic strip preparation, a forming, welding and sizing section and a newly developed flying saw – the multi cutter. The finishing line, also provided by DANIELI W+K, consists of a run-out section, a sample tube-cutting device and an integrated flush-out station to flush out the inside scarf. A chopper to cut the inside scarf and a blow-out station is incorporated into the flushing station. The system is also equipped with an automatic bundling station with a magnetic portal packaging device for bundling hexagonal and rectangular bundles for round tubes and hollow sections.

The new enhanced multi cutter consists of two individually driven saw blades on an orbital rotation system which enables it to cut in two modes: with one HSS saw blade for tubes ranging from 2 ½” to 3 ½” and with the two-mode system consisting of two tungsten carbide saw blades to cut tubes up to 7” in round and rectangular sections. The saw blade drives are water-cooled and well protected against particular environmental conditions. Special gearbox design and patented clamping devices guarantee almost vibration-free cutting and long saw blade life time. The development of this design is the result of the extensive experience of DANIELI W+K experts in cutting machine engineering in close co-operation with experienced saw blade and gearbox suppliers.

With this new DANIELI W+K tube welding line TPI plans to introduce the sale of tubes into new market segments and in particular thick-walled tubes for special applications.

Production is scheduled to commence in March 2014.