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Greenfield Factory with New Danieli W+K ERW Tube Welding Line

In October 2014, Tube Products of India celebrated the successful launch and start-up of the new Danieli W+K ERW tube welding plant which includes a finishing floor. This plant has been installed at TPI (Tube Products of India) near Chennai and is designed to operate a max. OD pipe of 180 mm and wall thickness of 12.7 mm.

Final tube products are high-precision and thick-walled tubes for the material handling of automotive industry and hollow sections used for construction.

The inauguration ceremony for the plant was attended by an audience of over 300 distinguished guests and was opened by the Chairman, Mr. A. Vellayan, Vice-Chairman Mr. M. M. Murugapppan, the Tube Products of India’s President, Mr. K.K. Paul and by TII’s Managing Director, Mr. L. Ramkumar.

The opening ceremony was hosted at TPI’s Tiruttani facility near Chennai. By establishing the new greenfield Tiruttani factory for the production of precision tubing including the new ERW tube welding line as well as tube drawing and finishing lines, TPI will be in a position to explore new markets for thick-walled precision tubes with extremely high tensile strengths.

Supply of DANIELI W+K’s ERW tube welding line was performed in close cooperation with the technical team of TPI and features state-of-the-art technology which will result in high performance for high-precision final products and high production speeds.

The new line is fitted with a flying saw, designed as a 2-blade multi cutter, an automatic inside scarfing system and a finishing line with an automatic bundling station.

During the opening ceremony, TII’s Presidents emphasized the excellent and extremely close teamwork that has been established between TPI and Danieli W+K. This will no doubt guarantee the success of any future cooperation. The supply of this high-efficiency line marks a milestone in India for Danieli W+K.