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Replacing Hot Friction Saw in 12 3/8” ERW Tube Mill

Danieli W+K Multi Cutter highlights:

> Perfect and clean cold cut for ready-to-sell tubes
> Ideal for high-tensile heavy-wall thickness tubes
> Blade number optimized according to tube dimension
> Round, square and rectangular sections
> Extremely rigid clamping systems to minimize vibrations during cutting
> Low-backlash saw blade gearboxes
> Rapid and precise positioning of the carriage for high tube length accuracy
> Less chippings for a clean working environment

Advantages of Danieli W+K Multi Cutters:

> Less bottlenecks for high productivity
> Optimized design for high-speed ERW lines
> Very high cutting speed with multiple blades
> Quick tool change-over thanks to hydraulic locking systems
> Long blade life thanks to minimum vibration during cutting
> Tailored solutions for revamping of existing ERW lines

Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) lines are continuously operating lines for the production of longitudinally welded tubes and pipes.

Mostly cut-to-length is assured by a flying cut-off system which is normally the most stressed component within the ERW line and one of the most critical bottlenecks.

ERW mill flying cut off is continuously moving back and forth and its speed is one of the most important criteria which determines the productivity of the entire line. Reliability is fundamental because any interruptions occurring to the multi cutter (e.g. blade breakage, tooling changeover) leads to a stoppage of the entire line.

When revamping existing ERW lines Danieli W+K multi cutters are the ideal solution to increase the line profitability as an improved quality of the tube ends, lower length tolerances and higher cutting speeds are achieved thanks to Danieli W+K’s new innovative multi cutter systems.

Considering the strategic importance of this equipment in an ERW line we are particularly proud that a global operating and well-known tube and pipe producer decided to purchase a Danieli W+K multi cutter in order to increase the performance of their existing 12 5/8”ERW tube mill. For this project Danieli W+K developed a unique Flying Multi Cutter System with 3 saw blades which will replace the existing hot friction saw.

With the innovative 3 blades architecture we reach the following performances:

  • very high speed (comparable with friction saws), up to 80 m/min
  • optimum configuration of saw carriage to reduce weight and optimize cutting time
  • excellent quality of cut ends (ready-to-sell).

The machine is designed to cover a wide product range:

  • Round OD from 114.3 to 323.9 mm
  • Squares from 100 x 100 to 300 x 300 mm
  • Rectangulars derived from above sizes

with a wall thickness from 3.0 to 12.7 mm and a tensile strength up to 950 MPa.

Additional features are a quick saw blade changeover and quick change of the clamping jaws. In particular the optimized jaw design allows covering with only 2 sets of clamping jaws the complete tube OD range and with additional 2 sets the complete square and rectangular section range.

For the success of this project the excellent cooperation between the customer’s specialists and Danieli W+K designers in Germany (Meinerzhagen) and Italy (Brescia) played a fundamental role during the design and manufacturing phases.

Manufacturing and in-house testing of the multi cutter took place at Danieli Fröhling`s workshop in Meinerzhagen, where we had the opportunity to commission and extensively test the machine.

Thanks to the extensive in-house testing program the team of Danieli W+K is confident that the shut-down time of the ERW line to install the machine at site will be kept to an absolute minimum.

In the present market situation where extreme attention is paid to investment Capex and Opex, this important flagship project demonstrates once again that Danieli W+K is the right partner for revamping of existing welding lines, where attention to customer requirements and tailored technological packages are of utmost importance in order to increase the profitability of existing production lines.