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Successful Development of a New Multicutter for ERW Pipe Welding Lines

DANIELI W+K has successfully developed a new travelling saw to cut thick-walled pipes between 60 and 220 mm OD. The machine is capable to produce almost burr-free cuts of pipes with wall thicknesses between 1.0 and 14.0 mm at a max. tensile strength of up to 850 N/ mm².

The new Multicutter is distinguished by fastest tool change-over, high protection classes for the AC servomotors, extremely short cutting cycles, excellent quality of the cut and automatic process optimization by the new developed process control system.

Depending upon the pipes and profiles to be cut the Multicutter can either be operated with one saw blade (HSS) or with two saw blades (TC tipped).

The single saw blade cut mode is employed for pipes up to an outside diameter of 100 mm and wall thicknesses of up to 5 mm. In this cutting mode it is guaranteed that the inside scarf is cut as well.

The two saw blade cut mode is used to cut profiles and pipes > 90 mm OD and guarantees high cutting speeds, high performance and a high-quality low-burr cut.

DANIELI W+K has developed a new special clamping system which ensures a tight clamping of the pipes and profiles during the cutting process. The clamping units are mounted to both sides close to the saw blade in a distance of max. 10 mm. Thanks to this arrangement any vibrations during the cut-off process are reduced whereby a long lifetime of the saw blades is achieved.

All motors in the working area of the saw are water-cooled and in the highest protection class to protect the motors safely against emulsion, dust or chips.

Special attention is drawn to an easy access for the operator when exchanging the clamping tools and saw blades. For this purpose, the exit clamping unit is locked hydraulically.

The unique design of DANIELI W+K’s new Multicutter allows for an easy integration into existing pipe welding lines.