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Tubing the World with Spiral Pipe

DANIELI W+K has received a new order from EPE Alfapipe S.P.A. in Algeria for the delivery of a spiral pipe mill operating in the one-step production process, with which line pipes with a diameter range of 20“ to 80“ for the transportation of oil and gas are produced. The customer Alfapipe is one of Algeria’s largest pipe producer with headquarters in Algiers.

Currently Algeria is in a positive economic situation. As important oil and gas producing country numerous new pipe line projects are planned and therefore made it necessary to expand Alfapipe’s production capacities.
An option for a second order for the delivery of an additional spiral pipe welding mill has already been granted

With this new order in Algeria DANIELI W+K follows the tradition of the former company Hoesch MFD. Thirty years ago, Hoesch MFD delivered the first spiral pipe mills to Alfapipe. Until today, the spiral pipe mills are in operation to the customer’s full satisfaction, still meeting today’s economic requirements.